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Performance Management Training 

Effective performance management is a cornerstone of organisational success. The "Performance Management Training" course is designed to equip managers, supervisors, and HR professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to foster a culture of high performance within their teams and organisations.

From £50pp / £400 for 30

(see below)

Online & In-Person

Online max 30

In-Person max 30

What to expect 

This course offers a comprehensive overview of performance management principles, techniques, and best practices, enabling participants to enhance employee productivity, engagement, and development.

In this course, you will cover:

  • Setting SMART goals

  • Feedback, coaching, and development

  • Performance reviews and appraisals

  • Performance improvement plans


By the end of the course, participants will have the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively manage and enhance employee performance, contributing to a culture of excellence within their organisations.


Course length: 2hrs

Max Participants: 30

Delivery: Online instructor led / In-Person & online groups 

Price: £50 per person  / £400 for group of 30 / Group package deals

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