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Innovation and Creativity Training 

In the ever-evolving business landscape, innovation and creativity are vital for organisations to thrive and adapt. The "Innovation and Creativity in Management" course empowers participants with the knowledge, strategies, and practical tools necessary to foster innovation, drive creative thinking, and stay competitive in today's dynamic marketplace.

From £50pp / £400 for 30

(see below)

Online & In-Person

Online max 30

In-Person max 30

What to expect 

This course explores the intersection of management and innovation, equipping leaders and managers to inspire innovation within their teams and organisations.

In this course, you will cover:

  • Creating an innovation culture

  • Innovation strategy and models

  • Risk and failure in innovation

  • Design thinking and creative problem solving


By the end of the course, participants will be well-equipped to lead and manage teams that embrace innovation, generate creative solutions, and adapt to changing market dynamics.


Course length: 2hrs

Max Participants: 30

Delivery: Online instructor led / In-Person & online groups 

Price: £50 per person  / £400 for group of 30 / Group package deals

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